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NEW! - San Francisco Vacation - August, 2006

What's a 14.5 hour drive when the destination is one of our most favorite places to travel to, San Francisco.

NEW! - Alex's Hockey Highlights - July, 2006

Watch out Silvertips, there's a new player in town!  This is a montage of Alex's highlights from a hockey scrimmage.

GQ Wedding Show - February, 2004

This was shot during the Annual Wedding Show at the Everett Events Center.  Alex was the star of the show!

Fairytale Wedding Show - Fall, 2005

This time it was Lily's turn to light up the stage with her smile in this Fairytale Weeding fashion show at the Lynnwood Convention Center.

Mayor's Award for Reading - Summer, 2005

Alex read 100 books over the summer of 2005 to receive this prestigious award from the Mayor of Everett.

Tips Dancer! - Spring, 2004

Alex makes the local news for his dancing skills.

Five Years of Lily - 2005

A montage of video clips throughout Lily's first five years.

New Years, 2004/2005

The Lamoureux Family Vacation to Disneyland and California Adventure for New Year 2004/2005.

Spring, 2004

Alex was invited by the Seattle Sounders soccer team to come to Seattle and dance during half-time.

Winter, 2003/2004

Alex's Boys & Girls Club basketball team - The Purple Knights!

August 3rd, 2003

Samantha takes a leap of faith for her 28th birthday. Snohomish Skydiving 13,000 feet!

July 12th, 2003

Alex competes in his 3rd Triathlon in Clear Lake, WA. Swim = 100 yards, Bike = 1.5 miles, Run=0.5 miles.

July, 2002

Alex competes in his 2nd Triathlon in Clear Lake, WA. Swim = 100 yards, Bike = 1.5 miles, Run=0.5 miles.

July, 2001

Alex competes in his 1st Triathlon in Clear Lake, WA. Swim = 100 yards, Bike = 1.5 miles, Run=0.5 miles.

Spring, 2003

Lamoureux Homes sponsors Alex's North Everett Little League T-Ball team and Chris is the coach.

Valentine's Day, 2002

This is a slide show that I put together as a gift to Samantha on Valentine's Day 2002.  It basically spans about 10 years of our life together in pictures.

Samantha Video Montage - Slow

As a part of the Valentine's gift in 2002, I put together this video montage of Samantha for her.  It's not completely sequential but pretty close.

Samantha Video Montage - Fast

Pretty much the same thing as the other video montage only set to a faster pace song.  There are some extra clips in this one as well.

A family video montage of some highlights that span between 2000 & 2002.
2003 family vacation with some friends to the Silverwood/Boulder Beach Theme & Water Park located just north of Coeur d'Alene, ID.

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